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Online Casino Information’s goal is to do the work for you by searching the web for online casinos. With over 1000 online casinos to date, it is hard to decipher which casinos have the best games, graphics, affiliate programs, and player pay outs. At Casino Information you will find links to¬† casinos that have good reputations, quick pay outs and trusted software. As well we have collected relevant information about each casino so you can pick the gambling site and game best suited to you.

If you are looking to gain insight into gambling strategies, how to play certain games, how to beat the casino, or simply want to learn more about internet gambling and online casinos, you have also come to the right place. There is a great deal of information about internet gambling and casinos on the web, however, you need to be careful about the source of this casino data.

Many gambling informational sites are owned by casinos, thus they are bias and the information should be received accordingly. This is an independent casino information site that’s intention is to provide relevant data and gambling links to help you, the gambler, make an informed choice about where and how you gamble on the internet.

Another major concern of gamblers on the internet today is, of course, security. There are a few tips to determine what casinos are honest and safe and if an casino is fraudulent. Here they are:

* Rule number one is to do some research on online gambling, make sure you have located links to any casino you wish to join on more than one casino information or news page. This is important. Casinos rely on informational pages, like this one, to increase their player base. If they are a legitimate casino then they will pay their affiliates and in return the affiliate will continue to promote their casino.

If they are no legit and they fail to pay their affiliates, the affiliate will remove them from their page. The only exception of course is if the online casino owns the “affiliate” page, and then of course that page will continue to promote all casinos, fraudulent or not, that the company owns.

* The next step is to insure that the casino is audited by a reputable accounting firm. PricewaterhouseCooper is one of the more popular ones, but there are others. The accounting firm should report monthly the percent payout of each of the casino’s games monthly. They should also be evaluating the random number generator of the casino, which is the program that determines the odds of each game.

The payout percentage document should be available at the entrance to any reputable casino. We have also provided at least one copy of each of the online casinos payout percentages documents, and will attempt to keep it up to date.

* Another good indicator of an casinos validity is the software that is uses. The major software producers can be found under the Software link.

*The final step to insuring any online casino is here to stay is to send a blank email to their support email address. Or to be polite, you may want to write, “just checking response time of your casino, thank you.” An automated response should be sent back to you within minutes and an actual personal response should be sent to you within 12 hours maximum. If you do this and get no response, don’t play.

I hope that we have helped you understand a little more about the gambling industry. It is a big internet, just make sure you do your research on any casino. All casinos listed below are very reputable and respected in the internet gambling community and you can also be reassured that I have personally played them to check out their games, their deposit requirements, and most importantly their payout policies. Good luck and enjoy.

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